Exchange Invest Turns 9… 2350 Issues Young!

It’s Our Birthday… 2350 Issues Young!

Fast forward 9 years and here we are celebrating another little milestone in the Exchange Invest story. It has been quite an exciting journey throughout and we got here without even touching a cent of government subsidy during Covid.

It’s over a decade since I occupied my first exchange CEO position and thought just how remote things were. It wasn’t just being situated in Sibiu, Transylvania, an elegant cultural capital in central Romania. Rather it was the newsflow which mattered. I could discern what was happening in London or New York pretty well from afar but the news from even a border or two across South-Eastern Europe fell into an information chasm.

Amusingly when I got back from Sibiu, the notion of Exchange Invest was universally deemed a mad idea by the original beta testers. One by one they came round to the idea that there was a lot they were missing and packaging it with some pithy perspective in one daily newsletter was an ideal way to keep informed of the bourse business.

The original daily newsletter is now 6 issues per week and the weekly podcast reviewing the major exchange news stories has reached episode 143. During the pandemic, we launched the IPO-VID LiveStream to maintain a new thread of communication across ‘the parish’ and we have now enjoyed lively discussions with over 60 guests across the world, broadcasting from the USA, UK, the Caribbean and various parts of Europe. If you haven’t done so please subscribe to our Youtube/IPO-VID.

So with year 9 complete as issue 2350 goes to pixel this weekend, we’re looking at a ‘big figure’ change next year, having invested in our largest team yet and looking forward to more pithy analysis of the bourse world to come.

Thank you to all our sponsors and subscribers — we’re proud of keeping ahead of the developments in the world of exchanges and look forward to expanding our reach as we enter the 10th year of Exchange Invest.

The best bit remains the core reason why I launched Exchange Invest in the first place — helping promote understanding of the digital world’s most vital business model. Within that realm, Exchange Invest is “the Exchange of Information.”

It’s the age of the exchange, what are you doing to profit from it?

(If you aren’t subscribed to “The Exchange Of Information” then DM me for a free trial. If you’re trying to reach the decision makers of bourses worldwide, why not consider becoming a sponsor?).



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