Exchange Invest Weekend: 13th Nov.

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On this day in 1878, NYSE installed the first telephones on its trading floor.

In BigWorld

From Exchange Invest 2201: 9th, November 2021: Tuesday

Apparently Kamala Harris, the ethnically hyphenated American politician has become the least popular VP in at least 50 years — despite less than a year of actual in office indolence.

Frankly I am impressed the US citizenry can even recall her name to opine on her.

In other news, China’s 1st woman to spacewalk works 6 hours outside station, reports The Himalayan Times… Rumours Kamala had wanted to do the trip into orbit to avoid being associated with her nominal bosses many failings remain unsubstantiated.



Season 8: Episode 3 — IPO-VID Livestream 045

IPO-VID Guest: Ivana Gažić

Tuesday, November 9th: 1800 UK, 1900 CET, 1300 EST

“Inside the Zagreb Stock Exchange”

Ivana Gažić is the President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, the lead developer of the capital market in the region.

Ivana started her career in 1998 at Pliva Plc. where she served until 2003 as a Head of Capital Market Operations going on to work for several local banks. Since May 2010 she has been running the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

She is the President of the Supervisory Board of the SEE LINK Skopje, a legal entity founded in 2014 with the aim to establish a regional order routing service between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Zagreb Stock Exchange. Following the Ljubljana Stock Exchange acquisition in late 2015, she is also the president of its Supervisory Board. Ivana is also a member of the Council of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency.

Watch the Stream on:





Episode 21: “Seeking a Cyclical Edge with “The Doctor of Uncertainty””

In IPO-VID Podcast Episode 21: I was joined by Richard Smith “Seeking a Cyclical Edge with “The Doctor of Uncertainty””- enjoy!

Available via all the usual podcast sources:



Google Podcasts


There’s an eerie sense of 140 pence being a last stand of sorts, as this is the level at which TP ICAP launched their rights issue to overpay for Liquidnet. Just a pity TP didn’t listen to Exchange Invest.

In the week that CME created a Google Cloud deal, Euronext dumped LCH, and European Commission saw sense on CCP clearing for Euro derivatives.

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 120

Victory Or Death

20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!”… “Victory Or Death” is a must-read book for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.

Available worldwide.

Podcasts This Week

Episode 269: A Report From COP26 With Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy On Climate Action And Finance

Inside The ICE House

A Conversation With Steve Sanders, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Product Development At Interactive Brokers


Macro Thoughts

From Amazon To Zoom: An Internet Minute In 2021

Visual Capitalist

Brexit: Done

Europe Can’t Defend Itself


Of Interest

Supply Chain Disruption: Is The Worst Over?

The Economic Times

Mystery Of China’s Huge Dollar Surplus Baffles Global Markets

The Japan Times

China’s giant pile of foreign exchange reserves offers an important cushion against any future shocks in the world economy.

The Sponsors Of COP26 Are Behind The Corporate Greenwashing Agenda


Greenwashing Or Viable Solution? Europe Has A Big Decision To Make On Nuclear Power


Did The Fed Just Set The Stock Market Up For A Crash?

‘We Have Nothing Left’ — The Catastrophic Consequences Of Criminalising Livelihoods In West Africa

The Conversation

Last Word

Catch up Monday for Exchange Invest 2206…

the future continues in the water cooler for the bourse business…





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Patrick L Young

Patrick L Young

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author. #Exchanges #Fintech #Startups #Motorsport Emerging Markets. CoFounder @Exchange_Invest @HanzaTrade @MissionToRun @YMarkets

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