Exchange Invest Weekend 2910: Arctic Geopolitics

Patrick L Young
7 min readMar 9, 2024

Arctic geopolitics, African BTC mining, Gen Z energy jobs, Murdoch succession drama & Inventing portraiture.

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From Exchange Invest 2908: Thursday, March 07th:

There’s a fascinating controversy brewing between Somalia and Ehtiopia. The latter landlocked nation signed a deal January 1st to leave 20 kms of coastland in Somaliland. Somaliland has enjoyed effective autonomy since 1991 after a lot of bish bosh but Somalia continues to claim sovereignty over the territory.

Ethiopia wants to create a naval base has offered to potentially recognise somaliland as an independent nation further incening the Somali government who are threatening to ‘defend’ their territory if Ethiopia (in their eyes) de facto invades.



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Is T Bond Clearing Competition Looming?

Amidst Multiple Worries & Thoughts From EU

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Just when you think Binance might have staunched the bad news stories, the government of Nigeria has decided the secretive exchange still reeling from its criminal convictions of last year is culpable for a run on the Nigerian Naira.

In a retro move which reminds us of the criminality which dogged Binance previously, Nigeria Detains Binance Executives In Cryptocurrency Crackdown (FT) / Report: FG Arrests Two Binance Officials Amid Crypto Clampdown (The Cable NG) / Nigeria Detains Binance Executives In Cryptocurrency Crackdown, FT Says (Reuters).

Way back when there were people in the world (“people” being a generous turn of phrase) who believed Binance was not a criminal organisation. A few of us constantly demurred and were proven correct.

Anyway, things are heating up again in the Binance universe, just as BTC itself heats up in a remarkable bull market bubble:

First up, the Nigerian government is simply furious, accusing Binance of fuelling the recent collapse in the Naira. To that end, they arrested a couple of execs just last week (EI 2903). Fines of $10 billion US dollars have been mooted while 2 executives in Nigeria were arrested.

While Binance have removed the Naira from their crypto P2P trading platform, it appears that CEO Richard Teng is reluctant to appear before a Parliamentary committee in Abuja despite being summoned by the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Financial Crimes, Ginger Onwusibe.

Nigeria reckons Binance has dealt with 10,000,000 Nigerian clients and handled some $26 billion in Naira transactions, provoking the recent currency collapse. Claims of money laundering and worse are being made from the Nigerian Parliament. Reports say Binance is not licensed in Nigeria.

Binance: Nigeria Orders Cryptocurrency Firm To Pay $10bn
Binance Drops Naira From P2P Platform Amid Government Scrutiny
Binance’s Nigerian Operations Under Threat As Gov’t Summons CEO Richard Teng

While that $10 billion fine may yet prove a chimaera of sorts, in the USA, Binance’s worries are far from over. The latest is a suit where October 7 Attack Survivors Sue Binance (NY Post). We have previously mentioned how lax money laundering standards could sink crypto markets and Binance is once again in the eye of one such storm.

Elsewhere Binance plays a leading role in a new academic paper Crypto Flows Finance Slavery? The Economics Of Pig Butchering — again not a good look.

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The Battle For The Arctic


As always, a review of interesting reading to provoke thoughts and consideration… Not sure we agree with much of it….but it’s thought-provoking!

David Starkey On The Inventor Of The Portrait
The Spectator

The African Village Mining Bitcoin

“When you move around Bondo you see happy people — and that’s because of electricity.”

Inside Rupert Murdoch’s Succession Drama
Vanity Fair

The US Shale Magnate Trying To Sell Oil And Gas Jobs To Generation Z

Murder Most Foul: How ‘Wild Wolf’ Haunted Hong Kong Banker’s Family
South China Morning Post


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