Exchange Invest Weekend 2932: Sino Bears End?

Patrick L Young
7 min readApr 6, 2024

China: woe…or ready to go? ATC oops? Location tracking on the ground, vineyard robots & an eager Lithium miner.

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On this day in 1998, Citicorp (Citibank) under Sandy Weill and Travelers Group announced a merger in an $82 billion deal that would create the world’s largest financial services company. The merger formed Citigroup and was completed in October.


From Exchange Invest 2315: Monday, April 2nd:

For those busy talking the USA down, the nation accounts for about 4.2% of global population but is home to 37% of the world’s millionaires with 5.5 million HNWIs holding over USD 1 million in liquid investable assets.

The USA includes 32% of global liquid investable wealth — a colossal USD 67 trillion.


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Mr. Caldwell is a Retired Honorary Colonel of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment and was a Governor of the Toronto Stock Exchange who is recognized as one of the world’s foremost investors in securities exchanges.

Urbana Corporation and its affiliated companies and investment pools were the second-largest owners of the New York Stock Exchange prior to the NYSE’s demutualization.

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JSE IPOs Rising,

Props Throttled By EU Red Tape,

Hong Kong Pushing Away From Men Only Boards,

And Tokyo Shines As The Yamato Reforms Kick In

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Vegans For Mercy

Who cares about the corrosive management, the incompetence, the clear fraudulence and desire to do what SBF wanted to do — as opposed to anything involving legal practice, with all manner of deceit in between and corporate governance which was, to put it mildly, somewhat stunted. The clear reason SBF deserved leniency was because he doesn’t eat meat: As Sam Bankman-Fried’s Sentencing Approaches, Letters Invoking Vegan Lifestyle Call For Leniency (CoinTelegraph). Bloomberg was more sanguine: Sam Bankman-Fried Sentencing: FTX Co-Founder SBF Faces Decades In Jail and ultimately accurate…

In the end it was a Quarter Century for SBF albeit he has a decent chance of 40–50% remission if he admits his guilt and behaves well… so presumably if Silicon Valley VCs retain their own bullheadedness about SBF, they will be lining up at the penitentiary door as soon as sometime in 2035.

The initial indications are, however, poor as SBF immediately told ABC News: “I never thought that what I was doing was illegal.”

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Fraud
Sam Bankman-Fried’s Fate Is Sealed By His Own Words

UK columnist Alex Brummer has some sanguine thoughts on the current state of crypto:
“What is most troubling about Bankman-Fried and the skulduggery uncovered at Binance, resulting in a $4billion (£3.15million) fine for boss Changpeng Zhao, is the lack of discipline it has brought to Wild West crypto markets.” (Don’t Expect Sympathy When The Crypto Bubble Bursts — And It Will, Says Alex Brummer | This is Money).

With SBF incapable of realizing he was doing anything wrong — you know buying condos with other people’s money and mixing up accounts and not understanding anything about corporate governance and trying to buy influence with the US government and and and…

I suppose we could blame the parents — a sad reflection on generations of Ivy league education?

The NY Post surmises bluntly but accurately: Sam Bankman-Fried cynically plays dumb as all the friends he bought evaporate

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China’s Stock Market Collapse Is The End Of The Road For Many Foreign Investors
Atlantic Council

Is China Now An ‘Alternative’ Investment?

PLY: Two of a multitude of quasi-obituaries for China and indeed Hong Kong markets. Methinks a new bull market must soon be at hand, there are signs elements of the economy are bottoming out.


As always, a review of interesting reading to provoke thoughts and consideration… Not sure we agree with much of it….but it’s thought-provoking!

Near-Disaster Shows EU Air Traffic Control Is Nowhere Near Good Enough

“Europe has struggled for 20 years to implement the Single European Sky initiative which aims to overcome the fragmentation of its airspace, with all air navigation service providers managed at national level. It has made some progress on innovation. However, there should be greater effort to harmonise and incentivise minimum standards for technology in air traffic management across the bloc. Safety should always be the priority. But that should not rule out change for the better.”

The Invasion Of The Vineyard Robots
The Spectator

How One Man’s Pay-To-Use Toilet Gag Revealed Google Maps Can Be Used To Track People

How Socialist Bolivia Is Trying To Cash In On Lithium, To The Benefit Of China

Is ‘Sea Rice’ The Next Superfood? Eelgrass — Sustainable, With Nutrient-Rich Grains, And Growing In Salt Water — Championed By Top Chef Ángel León
South China Morning Post


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