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Patrick L Young
7 min readApr 13, 2024

CBDC, Shipping, a nonagenarian fashion mogul, CEO issues & vital traits, the $ store backlash & new forms of diamonds…

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On this day in 2008, the World Bank, IMF and G7 ended three days of meetings eliciting calls for economic coordination but no joint emergency plan.


From Exchange Invest 2935 & 2936: Wednesday & Thursday, April 10th-11th:

We were discussing High School education and its underpinning of the move from middle income to rich status yesterday.

One big factor which helped China’s massive economic rise in recent times was that China’s human capital grew 10X from 1985 to 2020.

However, how do lower income economies make the ‘great leap forward’ to rich status and indeed how can you fast track growth of High School students?

A fascinating experiment (outlined on this podcast) by developmental economist Professor Scott Rozelle, the co-director of the Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions notes:

By delivering encouragement of cognitive engagement to babies in the Chinese countryside — e.g. interactive games and reading to babies etc… a programme gave 500 children 2 toys and a book which were then replaced weekly over 6 months. The process delivered a strong reinforcement across parents and children which resulted in levels of cognition ahead of their peers within the 6 months period and even 5 and 10 years later…

Then again Professor Rozelle notes, “Human capital development is necessary but not sufficient.”

Meanwhile, I was struck by a couple of notable stats:

  • No command economy has ever made it into the 39 richest nations on earth
  • Absolutely no command economies have ever achieved high income status.

Probably not all that surprising but worth considering.


NEXT WEEK TUESDAY: Season 24: Episode 01
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“Markets — the Winds of Change”

Dr. Bharat Kulkarni, has worked on the establishment of four commodity exchanges in Africa and advised on Warehouse receipt systems He has also consulted across Agricultural project investment and the Agricultural Value chain in Africa and Asia, with clients ranging from Private investors to Governments.

Dr Kulkarni is a former commodity trader who has worked for MCX India, IFPRI and The United Nations. During his stint with UN, he worked on redeveloping the value chain of Coffee and Sesame in Ethiopia.

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NOW ONLINE! Season 23: Episode 06
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Guest: Tom Caldwell

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 1700 UK, 1800 CET, 1200 EST

“Exchanging Investments — Tom Caldwell”

Thomas S. Caldwell has been in the investment industry since graduating from McGill University in 1965.

Mr. Caldwell is President, CEO & Director of Urbana Corporation, a publicly traded investment company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”). He is also a past Chairman of the CSE, “The Exchange for Entrepreneurs”.

Mr. Caldwell is a Retired Honorary Colonel of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment and was a Governor of the Toronto Stock Exchange who is recognized as one of the world’s foremost investors in securities exchanges.

Urbana Corporation and its affiliated companies and investment pools were the second-largest owners of the New York Stock Exchange prior to the NYSE’s demutualization.

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In the IPO-VID podcast episode #137, Patrick L Young was joined by Nasdaq’s Market Technology Senior Vice President, Magnus Haglind.

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& US T+1 Is Looming In < 30 Working Days.

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 240


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An Absence of Trust

The SEC Enforcement Director, Gurbir S. Grewal took the opportunity of a conference appearance to rather calmly and lucidly outline a brief history of crypto trying to avoid regulation… (Remarks At SEC Speaks 2024 SEC) which has been met with at the minimum a modicum of disdain from the crypto media such as Cointelegraph: SEC Enforcement Director Claims Crypto Industry Makes ‘Creative Attempts’ To Avoid Guidelines. Yet the reality is the crypto industry has behaved like a wayward puppy being placed under a leash for the first time — broadly doing anything to avoid being brought to heel. That behaviour is still too prevalent in the industry and leads to the Howey test denouements looming such as, the WSJ reports: SEC Enforcement Chief Touts Progress In Coinbase Case. Markets don’t survive without trust and while a lot of millennial bubble excitement is taking place, the case that crypto winter is all done and dusted may yet appear precarious for many…

Mr Grewal’s speech is well worth reading.

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50 Years Of Video Game Industry Revenues, By Platform
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As always, a review of interesting reading to provoke thoughts and consideration… Not sure we agree with much of it….but it’s thought-provoking!

A CBDC Trial In Hong Kong Could Finally Enable Blockchain To Digitise Shipping, With Help From Ant Group
South China Morning Post

The 90-Year-Old Man Who Built A Western Wear Empire
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The Great Dollar Store Backlash
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New Type Of Diamond Shakes Up The US$90 Billion Industry
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