Exchange Invest Weekend 2944: Outer Space Special

Patrick L Young
10 min readApr 20, 2024

Time to go from Vostock 1 via Gemini & Apollo to a fascinating future investment opportunity: outer space.

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On this day in 2009, Oracle Corp. snapped up computer server and software maker Sun Microsystems Inc. for $7.4 billion. The opportunity opened up after rival IBM Corp. abandoned an earlier bid to buy one of Silicon Valley’s best known, and most troubled companies.


Space: Investing In The Final Frontier
Morgan Stanely

5 Things You Need To Know About Space Investing
Yahoo Finance

PLY: Slightly older article and Morgan Stanley paper but they set the scene neatly… So, let’s get into the new ‘can do’ economy

And if you have a week to while away, try this the most incredible tribute, the entire Apollo 11 mission: Apollo 11 in Real Time.


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From Exchange Invest 1917: Monday, November 17th,2020:

“For a bourse which only last week haughtily noted replacing CHESS was not like flying to Mars, I reiterate my comment from last week’s podcast that with NASA predicting a new faster propulsion engine will get humans to the moon by 2035, this could still be sooner than ASX has a working updated back office… on the day when the aged legacy system was creaking once again.“



Next Tuesday April 23rd, IPO-VID Livestream 140: Do We Need Intermediaries? with Chris Skinner

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“Do We Need Intermediaries?”

Best-selling author in both the technology and children’s book domains, Chris Skinner is an award winning independent commentator on financial markets and fintech through his daily blog, the, which is updated daily. He helped to found one of the first mobile banks in the world, and has advised CEOs and leaders from every continent of the world including the UN, the White House, the World Bank and the WEF. In 2023 he was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Payments Association, the largest community in payments.

His latest book (eighteenth!) is Intelligent Money, which discusses the implications of Generative Finance as Artificial Intelligence takes over the world.

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IPO-VID podcast episode #138, Patrick L. Young was joined by Urbana Corporation CEO & Director, Tom Caldwell.

In the IPO-VID podcast episode #138, Patrick L. Young was joined by Urbana Corporation CEO & Director, Tom Caldwell.

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DB1’s MidPoint Mamba,

Russian Metals Banned,

And A Fond Farewell To Laura Cha

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 241


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This week’s book was written by Space Capital Founder and Managing Partner Chad Anderson.

The Space Economy: Capitalize on the Greatest Business Opportunity of Our Lifetime by Chad Anderson (paid link)

From global positioning, geospatial intelligence, and satellite communications to commercial human spaceflight and interplanetary transportation, “The Space Economy: Capitalize on the Greatest Business Opportunity of Our Lifetime” explains how and why the space economy is the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to investors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring professionals as it provides powerful tools and information for understanding how space-based technologies have, and will continue to, transform enterprise, government, and consumer markets for decades to come.

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Energy Crunch

Way back when data centres became a pivotal force in managing market infrastructure and indeed broader finance as a whole. From here, the move from on-prem to off-prem was in a way fully complete by the time the digital revolution of crypto really gained steam, data centres were all the rage and the natural home for all manner of apps became the cloud.

With that has come some concomitant growing pains for all parties — including those who don’t even use the online data in the first place. Thus where the US stock markets occupy massive city centre real estate, their transactions are mostly in New Jersey data centres and indeed in the City of London, Essex is really the key place for moving the money…

However that leaves a quandary, Mahwah, the location nobody has ever heard of in New Jersey but which is the world’s largest hub of stock trading, is facing an acute upcoming energy shortage for the locals who want to run their aircon and heat / light their homes while the data centres grow exponentially.

This leads to a problem when it comes to Bitcoin…

An illustration: Norway’s Minister of Energy saying BTC Mining = Business we donn’t want in Norway. The minister of Energy of Norway is holding Data Center Legislation.

Which is leading to some quite radical changes to policy as data centres come close to not merely overheating but sucking up energy reserves the populous would like to maintain their lifestyles. In Scandinavia, Norway Passes Data Center Legislation Signaling More Scrutiny For Bitcoin Miners (Cointelegraph).

Meanwhile, in Exchange Invest on Tuesday April 16th, we quoted an MIT study:

“The Cloud now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry.“

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As always, a review of interesting reading to provoke thoughts and consideration… Not sure we agree with much of it….but it’s thought-provoking!

Space Finance Seminar

London Space Finance Seminar 2–5pm April 2024 at One Fleet Place, London

Mark Wheatley, was our IPO-VID guest 117: From the City To Space.

The London Space Finance Seminar will align UK Financial and Professional Service professionals and industry experts with state representatives and Space technology thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Together, we will explore how the public and private markets of the UK can enable businesses operating in space to grow profitably in light of concerns about geopolitical security and sustainability.

Speakers include: Lord Willetts, Chair UK Space Agency George Freeman MP, late Minister of State, DSIT Air Marshal Andrew Turner Sally Bridgeland, Chair Brunel Pension Partnership Limited Joanne Wheeler, ESSI

The overview effect and the first man in space:

What Yuri Gagarin Saw From Orbit Changed Him Forever

“Space didn’t drive Gagarin mad, but orbiting Earth permanently changed how he thought about our planet.”

How technology changed in the Space race…

5 Changes In Space Travel Since Yuri Gagarin’s Flight
National Geographic

The first two men in space:
The Flight Of Vostok 1

PLY: Landings were tricky on the first two missions. Gargarin landed some miles from his expected arrival point and, to put it mildly, ‘surprised’ Anikhayat (Anna) Takhtarova, wife of a local forest ranger, and her five-year-old grandaughter Rumiya (Rita) Nurskanova, who were planting potatoes in a collective farm field of the Podgornoye village, some 35 kilometers from Saratov. Oddly enough they found the sight of a man wearing a bright-orange suit and a helmet walking toward them across the field somewhat incongruous (Landing Of The Vostok Spacecraft / The Amazing Story Of What Happened When The First Person In Space Landed Back On Earth Involves Potatoes).

Meanwhile, NASA recount how John Glenn, The First American To Orbit The Earth Aboard Friendship 7, 315 days after Gargarin, splashed down at 2:43 p.m. EST on February 20th 1962 about 800 miles southeast of Cape Canaveral in the vicinity of Grand Turk Island in the Turks and Caicos Islands, after a flight lasting 4 hours, 55 minutes, and 23 seconds. Friendship 7 landed 41 miles west and 19 miles north of the planned splashdown target and was taken to Grand Turk.

As John Glenn went on a world tour and while Gargarin was being feted around the Soviet Bloc, JFK doubled down with a speech on a football field, September 12th, 1962: Address At Rice University On The Nation’s Space Effort (JFK Library).

Leaping the narrative forward somewhat, three fascinating stories to finish this weekend special:

Physicist Michio Kaku Talks Space Travel And Why A New Treaty Is Overdue
South China Morning Post

PLY: Michio is a great guy, I spoke alongside him at an investor event in Gleneagles some years ago.

Space Exploration — An Investment On Our Health
Tommaso Carella LinkedIn

Farewell, Voyager 1
The Spectator

This week’s special coincides with next week’s London Space Finance conference…and actually this has been such good fun, we’re going to do it again next week. Let’s conclude this week’s EI Weekend by returning to the historic trip of 16 Jul 1969–24 Jul 1969 — the mission of Apollo 11. We covered it 50 years on in the Exchange Invest thanks to the special source mentioned above. On Thursday 18 July 2019 Edition 1529 of Exchange Invest noted in the Bigworld column:

“I am really looking forward to a US Embassy sponsored evening devoted to the Apollo 11 lunar landings this Saturday. Meanwhile if you have a spare moment Apollo 11 In Real Time is reliving the mission in real time 50 years later. As I type this, the astronauts still had a few hours to sleep while in the command module docked with the lunar module while travelling at 2575 MPH (mach 3.4) over 150,000 nautical miles from Earth… or to put it in perspective about 9000 times the length of Malta’s main island.

Not recorded on this otherwise data rich web site is the rumoured story that by now Neil Armstrong had said “Are we there yet?” 27,000 times…

Seriously, the ‘right stuff’ in excess, an awesome achievement was in the making albeit not without some hiccups en route to the moon’s surface.”


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“Markets — the Winds of Change”

Dr. Bharat Kulkarni, has worked on the establishment of four commodity exchanges in Africa and advised on Warehouse receipt systems He has also consulted across Agricultural project investment and the Agricultural Value chain in Africa and Asia, with clients ranging from Private investors to Governments.

Dr Kulkarni is a former commodity trader who has worked for MCX India, IFPRI and The United Nations. During his stint with UN, he worked on redeveloping the value chain of Coffee and Sesame in Ethiopia.

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