Exchange Invest Weekend: 4th Dec.

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On this day in 1968, The US stock market began an 18-month decline of 44%.

In BigWorld

From Exchange Invest 2219: 30th, November 2021: Tuesday

For those who are fascinated by the idea of a cartel whose control of a genuinely liquid asset holds the world to ransom over their breakfast table…

Of course, OPEC is a mere amateur in this regard. Rather the laureate remains with The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, a government-sponsored cartel representing 11,000 producers responsible for 73 per cent of global supply.

Thus, whereas Joe Brezhnev caused an oil price rise with his dumb idea that releasing a couple of days supply from the already depleted US emergency crude oil supply would make a difference, the QMSP is releasing over 22,000 tonnes of their glutinous pancake/waffle accompaniment in an effort to stymie a currently tight, inflationary market.



Season 8: Episode 6 — IPO-VID Livestream 048

IPOVID Guest: Taraneh Derayati

Tuesday, December 7th: 1800 UK, 1900 CET, 1300 EST

“A New Code for Market Structure”

Taraneh Derayati is the CEO of Vermiculus Financial Technology, an innovative FinTech company delivering microservices-based solutions for the largest trading and clearing venues globally.

Derayati has vast experience in leading large technical transformation projects for exchanges and clearinghouses. Prior to Vermiculus, Derayati was Head of Sales and responsible for business development and client account management at Cinnober where she led some of the firm’s largest sales before it was acquired by Nasdaq. She continued as VP at Nasdaq Market Technology where she led a major clearing project to replace the entire infrastructure and developed agile transformation.

Watch the Stream on:





Season 8: Episode 5 IPO-VID Livestream 047

IPO-VID Guest: Rosa Armesto Plaja

Tuesday, November 30th: 1800 UK, 1900 CET, 1300 EST

“Capital Markets: From Brussels With Love”

Rosa Armesto Plaja is Deputy Director-General of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE), responsible for coordinating all regulatory policy campaigns and strengthening FESE’s positioning on the key issues and priorities for exchanges in Europe.

While predominantly working for FESE, Rosa spent 4 years as a Member of the Management Team and Head of Public Affairs and Communications of Insurance Europe. Prior to working in Brussels since 2007, Rosa was in Luxembourg with Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Commission).

Watch the Stream on:





In IPO-VID Podcast Episode 24: I was joined by Neil Crammond discussing “Education: Bridging the Trader Gap Across Markets”- enjoy!

Available via all the usual podcast sources:



Google Podcasts


B3 Bull is moved on while the European Union thinks CMU can move forward in their leaked letter to Santa Claus.

Tadawul prices well Murban makes the million barrel milestone and there’s lots of excitement in the cloud as NASDAQ partners with AWS.

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 123

Victory Or Death

20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!”… “Victory Or Death” is a must-read book for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.

Available worldwide.

Podcasts This Week

How To Build Investor Ecosystem

Women On IT Livestream

PLY: It was a great Young week for LiveStreams. My wife Beata’s “Positivity Hacks Delivered” series included the fabulously LIT Bria Deveaux and Fern Hanna of ArawakX (which PLY has been advising) — well worth a watch!

The Rise Of Binance — And The Effort To Reel It In

Wall Street Journal

Trapping Stocks With The Wall Street Trapper

The Investopedia Express with Caleb Silver

Macro Thoughts

Global Free Trade Is In Crisis

Wall Street Journal


How Covid Science, The Fed And Bull Market Help To Understand The Omicron Stock Outlook


Why The WHO Skipped ‘Nu’ And ‘Xi’ To Name Latest Coronavirus Variant

South China Morning Post

PLY: There was me thinking it was just a failure to comprehend the Greek alphabet. Anyway, presumably now we only have max 9 more variations to go until omega which is surely the point even the control freaks of Covid politics have to utter the “endemic” concept to their lexicon?

Brexit: Done

As mentioned previously in Exchange Invest Daily:

London Rivals Abandon Hope Of Post-Brexit City Exodus


Brussels’ Bid To Standardise Its Rules Is A Gift To The City

The Telegraph

PLY: Bigots, Blobsters & Bar room Blitherers proclaimed the death of London’s financial centre upon Brexit. If ever confirmation was required, 5 long years later, their utility is at a level beneath horse poop mouthwash. Exchange Invest noted there would not be anything like the exodus proclaimed by these panic promoters long before the great referendum of 2016.

Of Interest

Busting The Merkel Myth


PLY: Finally, even the mainstreams of political media are recognising the wanton failure fiasco which has been Angela Merkel’s dismal record as a longstanding premier who achieved nothing but decline and decay.

The ‘Tesla-Financial Complex’: How Carmaker Gained Influence Over The Markets

Financial Post

Reading The Post-CNY Container Market Can Be A Risky Business

The Loadstar

Singapore-Malaysia Land Border Reopens; Japan Bars Foreigners As Omicron Spreads

South China Morning Post

Israel Is Becoming A Cybersecurity Guarantor In The Middle East. Here’s How

Atlantic Council

Analysis: Don’t Blame Climate Change For Madagascar’s Food Crisis, Scientists Say


Last Word

Catch up Monday for Exchange Invest 2224…

the future continues in the water cooler for the bourse business…





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Patrick L Young

Patrick L Young

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author. #Exchanges #Fintech #Startups #Motorsport Emerging Markets. CoFounder @Exchange_Invest @HanzaTrade @MissionToRun @YMarkets

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