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On this day in 2011, in India, a 2-day cricket player auction for the Indian Premier League was watched by some 19 million people. 127 cricketers were sold for $62 million.

And we’re back, it’s the first week of the New Year and here’s a modest bonanza of interesting stories to leave you thinking across the weekend.

In BigWorld

From Exchange Invest 2241: 05th, January 2022: Wednesday

Ghislaine Maxwell is looking at a long time before she exits slammer central somewhere in the USA and of course, a huge element of the media are wildly sympathetic because posh socialists with privileged backgrounds shouldn’t be subject to the same force of law and order as the rest of us.

Meanwhile in other court news, as Elizabeth Holmes coiffeur soared to new heights, it seems she beat 4, the jury deadlocked on 3 and she got beaten by 4 charges from her blood testing software where the prick seemed to be anywhere but in the blood testing, as it were.

Anyway nobody seems to have noticed in the mainstream media but were you aware her parents were a Congressional staffer and an Enron executive?

How on earth this young woman’s moral compass could have fallen so far from its natural magnetic north point of honesty is clearly a topic for heated dinner party conversation this weekend.

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Season 9: Episode 2 — IPO-VID Livestream 050

IPOVID Guest: William Pazos

Co-hosted by: Steve Zwick

Tuesday, January 11th: 1800 UK, 1900 CET, 1300 EST

“AirCarbon’s Net Zero Mission”

William Pazos is Co-founder and MD of AirCarbon, a frictionless carbon exchange offering the lowest fees in the industry, helping the world meet Net Zero.

A native speaker of Spanish, Portuguese, and English, William is a Senior Climate Finance and Renewable Energy Expert with a proven track record developing, financing, and managing projects in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Watch the Stream on:





IPO-VID Episode 29 is the return of “The Man From Messy Times,” Christopher Messina -enjoy!

Available via all the usual podcast sources:



Google Podcasts

Apple Podcast


RIP LIBOR, CBOT floor goes electric and it’s NASDAQ 743 versus LSE 133 to complete what was a record year for IPOs…

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 126

Victory Or Death

20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!”… “Victory Or Death” is a must-read book for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.

Available worldwide.

Podcasts This Week

Seedrs: Jeff Lynn Real Voices Of Scale-Up

Apple Podcasts

Dr Robert Barnes From The London Stock Exchange Group



Exclusive: An Interview With Fauci’s Nemesis

Kennedy’s Fauci Revelations — Part Two

The Conservative Woman

PLY: Fascinating read by a member of the Kennedy clan on all that is wrong with the US blob via the lens of Fauci-ism.

The Covid Modelling Industry Is Biased Towards Doom


PLY: As if you haven’t noticed…well other than those readers who have gone full Stockholm Syndrome, alas.

We Are Heading For A Face-Off Between Real-World Data And Sage Modelling


PLY: Please make it snappy — we all know economists can easily predict 12 of the next 10 recessions but the lockdown merchants of doom are destroying society.

How Many Lives Has Bioethics Cost?


PLY: A vital question.

Prof Lockdown’s ‘Apocalyptic’ Omicron Claims Undermine Faith In Vaccines And Have Fuelled Unnecessary Shutdowns


PLY: My view entirely. I am triple jabbed and merely eager to point out the errors of the blob.

NB If you expected discussion of tennis star Novak Djokovic’s Australian trip and likely eviction in this section, I think we can safely file that under “looming Australian election.”

Brexit: Done

A Year On From The Brexit Trade Deal, The Doom-Mongers Got It So Wrong


PLY: You don’t even need to read this — nor the tales of impending customs chaos last Christmas, this Christmas and this New Year as a result of new rules now in place for EU Import/Export.

The simple truth is all the threats were flannel. The traditional Christmas dinner was endangered we were told as Britain would have few turkeys and fewer trimmings.

All hogwash.

It’s not a question of believing in or not believing in Brexit, how you felt at a vote long ago, or any of that — rather it’s all about how rubbish the media have been perpetually in recent times. Here was another series of scaremongers which simply didn’t emerge.

Of Interest

Crypto News: ‘Blockchain Rock’ Gibraltar Could Become World Leader With New Deal

Valereum Blockchain To Acquire Gibraltar Based Juno Group,

Crowdfund Insider

Advances Mission of Regulated Bridge with CryptoValereum Blockchain Plc (AQSE: VLRM).

PLY: Some updates from the festive season concerning Valereum where I am Executive Director.

Next Year Will Be Even Worse For Biden And The West


PLY: Rem the “grown-ups” have been in charge in the White House for almost a year now and I don’t know about you but I kind of yearn for say some pre-schoolers to take back control.

I don’t buy the whole we could be on a cusp of a world war narrative of some but I do see a huge problem where an Afghan disaster is feeding an Iranian crisis and more, all thanks to utter ineptitude which dates back to the Obama doctrine of red line dancing.

Takeaways From The Elizabeth Holmes Verdict

Cato at Liberty Blog

PLY: Interesting read, a fascinating concluding paragraph perspective too.

Angela Merkel Was No Saint


Merkel “was synonymous with dithering, sitting on the fence and remaining quiet on key issues — so much so that a neologism was spawned: merkeln, the Langenscheidt dictionary’s 2015 word of the year. “To Merkel” is defined as “to do nothing, make no decisions, issue no statements”.

It was not her strong convictions that endeared her with German voters. It was her lack of them. She is the opposite of a visionary; once asked what she associated with Germany, she said “well-made windows”. Not Germany’s rich cultural heritage, not its landscapes, not its football squad, not even its robust Grundgesetz (a set of basic laws put in place after the war, essentially a constitution). Far more important are its… well-sealed windows.”

World Economy To Top $100 Trillion In 2022 For First Time: Report


PLY: If only a few more governments were growth-oriented, who knows where we could get…

Cash-Minting Tech Juggernaut: The Rise And Rise of M-Pesa

The Standard

Stolen James Bond Car Used In ‘Goldfinger’ Recovered After 25 Years — We Got This Covered

We Got This Covered

Last Word

Catch up Monday for Exchange Invest 2245…

the future continues in the water cooler for the bourse business…





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Patrick L Young

Patrick L Young

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author. #Exchanges #Fintech #Startups #Motorsport Emerging Markets. CoFounder @Exchange_Invest @HanzaTrade @MissionToRun @YMarkets

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