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On this day in 1935, the US Social Security Act was signed. Initially, the minimum monthly benefit was $10 and the maximum $85. The first check was cut on January 31st, 1940 for $22.54 to Ida May Fuller, who paid $24.75 into the system and received $20,944.42 until her death in 1975 at the age of 100.

Big World

From Exchange Invest 2126: Thursday, 12th, August 2021:

If your order from AliExpress hasn’t reached the UK, you might be in luck. The EverGiven, meme star of that epic Suez canal blocking handbrake turn when somebody clearly mistook the mega freighter for a drift machine in the Fast & Furious series, docked at Felixstowe harbour in the UK a week ago (Tuesday) some four months late due to its previous headline-grabbing antics.


In IPO-VID Podcast Episode 8: I discuss “On the Curve: New Benchmarks & More” with Andy Ross — enjoy!”

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SEC Chief Gary Gensler will likely deem this week’s DeFi failures as his dream invitation to distribute the DeFi marketplace in his own inimitable way: throughout the Federal penitentiary system, we suspect.

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 107

Victory or Death

20 years on from the first fintech bestseller “Capital Market Revolution!” … “Victory Or Death” is a must-read book for anyone interested in the intersection of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech as part of the whole future of finance.

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The Locked Down Podcast

PLY: I was delighted to make a guest appearance this week on the Locked Down podcast with host JT and “Peter Pan” who is the administrator of the Valereum Blockchain Telegram Group and himself a shareholder.

We discuss “Capital Market Revolution!” the dynamics of digital assets today and of course there’s mention en passant of Valereum Blockchain, albeit MNPI precepts make it a little difficult to discuss the plan there.

Have a listen here: Valereum Blockchain Q&A Session FT Executive Director Patrick L. Young.

Podcast This Week

Episode 251: Amanda Hindlian, Head of Capital Markets At The NYSE, Helps Pave The Path To Public

Inside The ICE House

Finance to Art, Plus ça Change! By Full & Frank


A podcast from Aquis Exchange PLC spanning the worlds of finance, business, politics, sport and the media. Hosted by David Buik and Michael Wilson.

‎The Investopedia Express With Caleb Silver On Apple Podcasts

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Macro Thoughts

African Governments Have Developed A Taste For Eurobonds: Why It’s Dangerous

The Conversation CA

International financial markets have opened a window for African governments to diversify their funding sources from traditional multilateral institutions and foreign aid. For example, they can now borrow through issuing Eurobonds — international bonds issued by a country in a foreign currency, usually in US dollars and euros.


Will Covid Turn Into The Common Cold?

Why We Shouldn’t Fear A ‘Fourth Wave’ Of Covid


“My model points to an intriguing possibility: that the decline in active infections can only mean that England is about to reach the herd immunity threshold for the Delta variant. This means that around 86 per cent of England’s adults and children must now be immune.

…The extra immunity that the nation so clearly possesses is a great boon, whatever its cause. Our immunity is robust against not only the Alpha and Delta variants, but also the once-feared Beta variant, with recent data from Canada showing 82 per cent protection against hospitalisation and death from a single AstraZeneca jab. Covid may not disappear entirely from our lives, but we can now resume life secure in the knowledge that the effects of the third wave are much less than before and confident we will not need to face a fourth.”

  • Philip Thomas is visiting professor at the University of Bristol.

“While we cannot be certain that Delta is indeed the best fit, it certainly seems close, and I doubt we will see a similar surge from another variant. As we can see with other coronaviruses, further mutations do arise that can make the virus less controlled by prior immunity, but each ‘escape’ mutation is not in itself enough to completely evade prior immunity or vaccines. Substantial protection will still remain.

The worst of the pandemic is behind us, at least in the UK.”

  • Paul Hunter is a professor in Medicine at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, Norwich

PLY: Rem, we’re arriving at the 18–24 month period at which every previous pandemic has evolved and dissipated as a major threat… (call it even March 2020 — a late “starting point” and we’re at 17 months).

Of Interest

The 60/40 Investing Rule Is Dead, Experts Say — It’s Time To Be More Creative

Yahoo Finance

Saudi Customs Authority Cancels Wheat ‘Protection Fee’, Says SAGO


Saudi Arabia’s customs authority will cancel a “protection fee” levied on wheat, the kingdom’s state-grain importer SAGO said on Twitter.

Changing Crypto Trading Patterns Reveal The Market’s Power Shift To The West

Yahoo Finance

Google’s New Tool Helps You Find Abandoned Cloud Projects And Delete Them


The Psychology Of Deception — Part Two

The Rum Rebellion

The Fallacy Of Fintech Ethics: Could Fintechs Be Less Ethical Than Banks?


PLY Or are they just more stupid, naive, desperate?

Last Word

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