Exchange Invest Weekend Edition 2670: The Bashi Block?

Patrick L Young
9 min readMay 27


Singapore’s Moment? Bashi Channel Block? Tranq Fentanyl mega-GUBU, Coke trafficking ex-con, London seeks rejuvenation through deregulation.

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On this day in 1962, the stock market had a “flash crash,” triggered by a dispute between President John F. Kennedy and the steel industry over a price increase. The Dow fell 5.7%, losing 34.95 points, its second-biggest one-day drop in history, behind only the crash of 1929. The losses were widespread, with large and small cap stocks going down. IBM fell more than 5% in just 19 minutes. Shares of some smaller companies dropped more than 20% on the day. Trading was so furious that the NYSE ticker couldn’t keep up, and didn’t finish reporting transactions until more than two hours after the market closed.


From Exchange Invest 2666: May 23rd, Tuesday:

Interesting Greek general election last weekend. A lot of hype about the right falling short with 40% of the vote but the reality is the opposition is splintered. Syriza, the one time left wing darlings who wilted when facing up to the EU way back when polled half the New Democracy total with 20.07%. The far left splinter party of Yanis Varoufakis dipped below the threshold of eligibility to enter Parliament. New Democracy is a frustrating 5 seats short of an overall majority so will seek to return the mandate, likely forcing a second round of voting June 25th in an attempt to secure an overall majority. Syriza has an opportunity to stitch together a coalition first but starting with just 71 seats — the required 151 appears impossible. There is a revised electoral system for the next poll with a majority bonus system (banned by Syriza previously) which will guarantee New Democracy a majority if it repeats anything like this poll result.



Season 18: Episode 06: IPO-VID Livestream 108

Guest: Gedon Hertshten

Tuesday, May 30th: 1800 UK, 1900 CET, 1400 EST

“Markets For The Next Generation”

Gedon Hertshten is a highly successful businessman and thought leader in the derivatives industry whose career began in 1978 as an independent floor trader on CBOT.

In 1993, Gedon founded G.H. Financials, a global FCM servicing an array of industry participants through offices in London, Chicago, Hong Kong and India. This led in 2005 to the foundation of the more broadly diversified Hertshten Group, Gedon’s businesses employ over 800 professionals in nine countries.

Gedon has been instrumental in expanding the global reach of the listed derivatives industry, recruiting, educating, and training top university graduates in various countries to increase the global talent pool and understanding of listed derivatives.

Gedon remains actively involved in promoting and advocating for the listed derivatives industry on a global scale. He currently serves as a board member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and has previously served on the boards of LIFFE & CME Group.

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Season 18: Episode 05: IPO-VID Livestream 107

Guests: Paul Constantinou & Patrick Kenny

Tuesday, May 23rd: 1800 UK, 1900 CET, 1400 EST

“AFM 25 Years On”

Join the President and Chairman of AFM as they review the history of the emerging exchange markets association AFM and look to the future of exchanges and the association.

AFM President Paul Constantinou is best known in the exchange business for his years selling trading systems to exchanges, particularly in the energy and commodities space with Trayport and other vendors.

AFM Chairman Patrick J. Kenny is Senior Vice President of client relations for CQG. His responsibilities include business development and working with account management. He joined the firm in July 2010.

Previously, Kenny had been with Patsystems, North America as an Officer and Managing Director for 10 years. Patrick has worked in the financial trading sector for more than 42 years years. Spent 20 years at the CBOT on the Floor trading. Board Member of FIA Tech Division, Board Member of The Small Exchange, Chairman Of AFM and President of Fontana on Geneva Lake in Fontana Wisconsin. Sometimes referred to as The Most Interesting Man in the Futures world, mostly by John Lothian.

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In IPO-VID Episode 099: Patrick L Young was joined by Malta Numismatic Society Secretary General, Colin Formosa. In this episode, Colin discussed Maltese money & more.

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There’s a New Chairman at NZX

Adena Argues for AI Regulatory Sense

And 63 Moons Hit MCX’s Profits

The Exchange Invest Weekly Podcast 195

AFM 25th Annual Conference

Returning to Budapest, the AFM Annual Conference is back! 25 years of celebrating the derivatives industry and the futures market. See you on June 6th-7th as I will be giving a keynote presentation: AFM 25 Years On, Emerging Markets 25 Years Forward.

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Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-US Relations from the Financial Markets” is a fascinating read, discussing many issues including the inherent plausibility of a longstanding linkage to benefit both contemporary superpowers — the growing nation of China and the more mature USA in a manner — that can positively impact the world’s economy.

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Experienced deal closers that they are, MIAX Have Completed Their Acquisition Of LedgerX From FTX Debtors (PR Newswire). The precise figures are still not clear but it didn’t leverage vastly what they received from their minority stake sale to FTX at larger numbers to deliver them the $50 million purchase. After factoring in existing tech leases accruing to MIAX etc, it’s fair to say that MIAX are likely toasting the brazen incompetence and hubris of Team SBF. I doubt the DoorDash largesse of the FTX era will reappear any time soon either. Will the MIAX take back Mark Wetjen their former MGEX GC anytime soon? I suspect that deal may not be quite so attractive.

Transfiguration #2 concerns Bankrupt Crypto Hedge Fund 3AC Whose NFT Auction Fetched $2.5m (CoinTelegraph). Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza #725 alone sold for $1 million amongst the 7 lots. However, with 3AC still reckoned to owe in the region of $3.5 billion, by the time Sothebys’ have collected their commissions et al, it is fair to suggest these proceedings are colourful but not overly material to the bankruptcy proceedings.

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Macro Thoughts

Interest Rate Hikes: Comparing Their Speed From 1988–2023
Visual Capitalist

PLY: The real problem here is the data set — excluding the 1970s gives a really ‘low’ interest rate skew by comparison. This data from the end of the Bretton Woods era dollar through the Plaza Accord would be so much more interesting!

Of Interest

As always, a review of interesting reading to provoke thoughts and consideration… Not sure we agree with much of it….but it’s thought-provoking!

How The Philippines Makes The Invasion Of Taiwan So Difficult: The Bashi Channel

PLY: Fascinating video explaining the complexity around a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

How Tranq Has Made The Fentanyl Crisis Even Worse
The Spectator World

PLY: GUBU and more GUBU still that this gets so little media coverage in the USA and around the world.

Singapore’s Moment Is Here. Will It Last?
The Wall Street Journal

Ex-Convict Reveals How Police ‘Secure’ Cocaine, Big Men, Royals Buy From Sellers

City To Slash Red Tape In Effort To Rival New York
Can Reforms Save The London Stock Market?
The Spectator


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