Valereum Six Months On…

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New Twitter Handle is @ValereumPLC

It is 6 months to the day since I joined Valereum PLC as Executive Director.

The opportunity was a fascinating one as presented by my old friend, our Chairman Richard Poulden. 180 days later at least some of the strategy is becoming apparent. Working within the constraints of public disclosure as a nano cap is always a challenge — and very different to the way a private entity can promote its activities and ambitions!

Our biggest news was the deal to acquire the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. We have an option for 80% and the work to settle that transaction is ongoing.

Thus behind the scenes it remains a fabulously hectic whirlwind of activity.

Prior to the news of our rebranding yesterday — we’re now Valereum PLC — our other big announcement closing out the year was the acquisition of Juno Trust.

The clear footprint of Valereum is centred on the firm geology which is the Rock of Gibraltar with the Juno business set to play a key role as we deliver on the crypto-bridge strategy. It’s exciting to see the “Blockchain Rock” as locals style it taking shape.

Moreover the long-term aim of reintegrating GSX with its original trust arm is also significant for “the bridge” as originally espoused by Richard a year ago in his Valereum vision.

Life listed on Aquis Exchange is fascinating. We’re still a nano cap although it appears the cap table may be consolidated amongst a fairly stable group of holder-hodlers (as it were — we’re building the bridge between classic assets and crypto after all…). Volume remains strong in the share too.

Where do the next 6 months lead us? Clearly completing and closing our outstanding transactions is a key factor — all subject to regulatory approval by the GFSC of course.

It’s a very exciting journey and while we intend to be anchored to the rock of Gibraltar, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of movement in #VLRM during H1 2022 and beyond as my role as Executive Director assists Team Valereum to advance our strategy.

All are welcome on the journey. Subscribe to my Medium for more updates…

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